Terms of Service:

§ 1) SCOPE:

The Terms of Service (TOS hereinafter) listed in this document exclusively cover current and future legal agreements between  TAXI-GUIDE-MÜNCHEN e.V. and its customers. In the case of any conflict between these TOS and customers’ or other third parties’ terms and conditions, these TOS apply, even if TAXI-GUIDE-MÜNCHEN e.V. with the knowledge of any such conflicts has not explicitly contradicted the other parties’ terms of service, but has unconditionally completed the agreed-upon service.


A contract is only made by oral or written confirmation by TAXI-GUIDE-MÜNCHEN e.V. Until that point–even if the customer has initiated a booking and paid for it–this transaction just represents an offer of purchase of oneTAXI-GUIDE-MÜNCHEN e.V.’s tours. If TAXI-GUIDE-MÜNCHEN cannot to execute the paid order and has to cancel, the amount paid will be refunded to the customer immediately. In case of accepting the order, TAXI-GUIDE MÜNCHEN usually confirms any order request immediately, but at the very latest within the fortnight. A contract is executed when TAXI-GUIDE-MÜNCHEN e.V. completes the requested service. The former provisions are valid for additions to and changes of the original contract as well.


TAXI-GUIDE-MÜNCHEN e.V. will provide a guide, who has been qualified and certified by the Munich Office of Tourism. This TAXI-GUIDE  will lead the guided portion of the tour in the desired language using a taxi or rental car, which has been licensed as such by the city of Munich. The TAXI-GUIDE is obliged to punctually arrive at the agreed upon meeting point and time. Depending on the customer’s preference, delays of more than fifteen minutes can either be added to the end of the tour or will result in a corresponding discount for the customer. The vehicles used conform with the requirements of German traffic, licensing and registration laws (StVG, StVO and StVZO) and are always in excellent condition. TAXI-GUIDE_MÜNCHEN e.V. reserves the right to legally transfer the rights and obligations resulting from the contract onto the TAXI-GUIDE, who is not an employee, but an independent contractor.


The customer agrees to be at the agreed upon meeting point at the appointed time. Any waiting time will result in a shortening of the tour. An extension is only possible after agreement with the TAXI-GUIDE in question. In the case of waiting times of more than 15 minutes the responsibility for the payment of the entire tour remains, while the particular TAXI-GUIDE has the right to leave the meeting point. Partial  or full reimbursements are out of the question. If the tour exceeds five hours, the TAXI-GUIDE shall be provided a paid meal.


Our prices include the currently valid sales tax. They also include a free pick-up within the city of Munich. Pick-ups beyond city-limits of Munich, eg. from the Munich airport are possible upon special agreement. In such a case there will be a surcharge depending on distance. Payments will usually be made in response to an invoice sent to an address provided by the customer before contractual agreement. Payments must be received by TAXI-GUIDE-MÜNCHEN e.V. within fourteen days of the customer’s receipt of the invoice. Payment is possible by credit card (Amex, Visa, Master, Diners) or in cash in person upon meeting the TAXI-GUIDE. In this case a pro-forma invoice can be sent if desired. TAXI-GUIDE-MÜNCHEN e.V. reserves the right to require an advance deposit for future agreed-upon services–especially if the customer is a resident of a foreign country.


Cancellations up to 48 hours in advance do not incur any fee.

Cancellations between 48 and 24 hours in advance will be billed with 25% of the agreed upon booking price.

Cancellations between 24 and 12 hoours in advance will be billed with 50% of the agreed upon booking price, at least € 100.-

Cancellations at less than 12 hours in advance will be billed with 100% of the agreed upon booking price.

To avoid said cancellation fees, the client can put forward alternative guests. TAXI-GUIDE-MÜNCHEN, e.V. charges a service fee of 50€ for this procedure.


Shortcomings in the transport service or other complaints must be voiced by the client directly to TAXI-GUIDE-MÜNCHEN e.V. within three business days after having known about them. If no report is received within that time frame, it will be assumed that the service has been duly completed and the monetary claim by TAXI-GUIDE-MÜNCHEN e.V. against the client remains valid. If the deadline cannot be adhered to by the client, the complaint must be made as soon as possible. In such a case, the client is required to supply proof for how adhering to the deadline was unreasonable.


Any contract with TAXI-GUIDE-MÜNCHEN, e.V. is governed by Law and Jurisdiction of the Federal Republic of Germany.

If the customer does not have a legal venue in Germany or in another EU Member State, the place of jurisdiction for any disagreements resulting from the contract will be solely determined by the business address of TAXI-GUIDE-MÜNCHEN e.V.

If the customer is a merchant, a legal entity under public law or a special fund, the legal venue will be the court responsible for the business address of TAXI-GUIDE-MÜNCHEN e.V. In the case of open claims against the customer TAXI-GUIDE-MÜNCHEN e.V. also has the right to sue the customer at his or her legal venue.

Oral agreements by TAXI-GUIDE-MÜNCHEN e.V., its legal representatives or other assistants have to be confirmed in writing to be considered a basis for legal action.

Because of TAXI-GUIDE-MÜNCHEN e.V.’s international business relations, these TOS are available in translation; in some cases only in condensed form. If there are differences in content between the translation and German original, only the German original will be considered as legally valid.